Most organisations depend on their digitally encoded capital. Backup plans can help ensure business continuity in case of disaster but how can your organisation ensure that it benefits from its digital capital?

Giaretta Associates can provide advice and guidance about ways to to ensure your data is valuable now and into the future including:

  • If you are starting from scratch we offer:
    • Data management and repository systems – planning, organising and implementing digital repositories
    • Large scale storage
    • specific Archival issues e.g. dealing with government documents
  • If you have an existing repository but think it needs improvement we offer:
    • Preservation services and tools to supplement existing repository capabilities –  what tools and services can help to improve a repository’s preservation capabilities without disruptive change?
  • If you or your staff need to know more about preservation we offer:
    • Training in all aspects of digital preservation
  • If you want to make sure that everything needed for preservation is collected before it is put into a repository we offer:
    • Data management planning
  • If you want to stand out from the other repositories by obtaining ISO 16363 certification we offer:
    • Audit preparation
    • Audit improvement plan implementation


  • Consultancy for CERN
  • Special advisor on digital preservation to Renmin University, Beijing
  • Test ISO 16363 audits of repositories in Europe and the USA
  • Advice on improving digital preservation capabilities