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ISO standards

ISO 12175:1994   Standard formatted data units — Structure and construction rules

ISO 13764:1996   Standard formatted data units — Control authority procedures

ISO 14962:1997   ASCII encoded English

ISO 15395:1998   Standard formatted data units — Control authority data structures

ISO 15888:2000   Standard formatted data units — Referencing environment

ISO 14961:2002   Parameter value language specification

ISO 15889:2003   Data description language — EAST specification

ISO 21961:2003   Data entity dictionary specification language (DEDSL) — Abstract syntax

ISO 21962:2003   Data entity dictionary specification language (DEDSL) — PVL syntax

ISO 22643:2003   Data entity dictionary specification language (DEDSL) — XML/DTD Syntax

ISO 20652:2006   Producer-archive interface — Methodology abstract standard

ISO 13527:2010  XML formatted data unit (XFDU) structure and construction rules

ISO 14721:2012[1]   Open archival information system — Reference model

ISO 16363:2012[2]  Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories

ISO 16919:2014 Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Candidate Trustworthy Digital Repositories

[1] Also available free from or later version.

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